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HCH-WBF High Care Hygienic Weigh Belt Feeder

  HCH-WBF High Care Hygienic Weigh Belt Feeder

Weighing In Hygienic Environments
Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ Master HCH high care hygienic weigh belt feeder is engineered to stand up to the intense cleaning necessary for food processing, chemical, and pharmaceutical environments. Built with continuous welds and stainless steel, the Master HCH is designed from top to bottom for applications that require highly sanitary conditions. The HCH is constructed without holes or creases, ensuring bacteria have no chance to invade your equipment and contaminate your product.

Main features

  • Foldable side-boards and a flip-up tail drum create access to the complete conveyor internals, enabling a thorough washdown
  • Self-tracking feature guarantees operation after cleaning without any adjustments
  • Easily integrated into existing systems, offering complete control of flow regulation to ensure the correct amount of product

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